When will you be submitting the application?

The intention is to submit the application for the temporary accommodation for Wren Academy at the end of May 2019.

We are hoping to submit an outline application for the schools along with residential in September 2019.

If planning permission is granted when will the temporary structure be built and when will Wren Academy be ready for the first set of year 7 pupils?

The temporary structure will be built in time for September 2020.

When will the permanent structure for Wren Academy open?

The permanent school will open in 2022.

How many year 7 pupils will the temporary structure for Wren Academy open with?

Wren Academy will open with up to 184 pupils.

How many students would the complete Wren Academy accommodate?

1,280 students in the permanent building.

920 students in years 7-11

360 students in sixth form

How will Wren Academy add year groups, after the temporary structure?

Wren Academy would add year groups annually after the first year.

How long will it be until Wren Academy will be full?

The school would be full by 2026.

When will One Degree Academy open?

The school is relocating from Heron Hall, Queensway and would open in September 2021.

How many students will One Degree Academy accommodate?

720 Students

630 primary

90 nursery