One Degree Academy

One Degree Academy was approved as an all-through school. Chase Farm will house One Degree Academy’s primary element.

The One Degree Academy is a all-through school that opened in Enfield in September 2016 and is currently operating close to Southbury Station on Queensway.  Initially starting with a cohort of Reception students, headed by their founding Principal Aidan Sadgrove. They were graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in February 2019. The school is governed by its STRIVE core principles which are:

– Scholarship – we focus relentlessly on academic achievement, great learning, and continuous improvement to get results. We show a zest for new learning.

– Teamwork – we work together to overcome difficulties. When one of us succeeds, we all do.

– Responsibility – we take ownership of our actions, caring for each other and for our environment. We look to ourselves to do what’s right or to find solutions. We do what needs to be done.

– Integrity – we are honest, kind and open with our community in everything we do. We treat everyone as we want to be treated: with respect.

– Value – we are useful and kind, adding what we do to the conversation of humanity. We embrace new opportunities to develop wisdom.

– Effort – we never give up on trying to improve – even when it’s hard. We know there are no shortcuts: achievement comes with practice, step-by-step.

In addition to this, they have their “4 Cs” strategic anchors which are:

1. Core Knowledge (Head) – we develop powerful knowledge which leads to academic success.

2. Character Attributes (Heart) – we foster character strengths and attributes necessary for a great life.

3. Cultural Capital (Will) – we raise aspirations and aim to broaden horizons.

4. Care – we ensure that staff and child well-being underpins everything, through safe and effective processes.

In February 2019 OFSTED graded One Degree as outstanding in all areas. OFSTED highlight that:

  • “Trustees, governors and leaders’ aspirational approach and high expectations have ensured that pupils receive an outstanding education.”
  • “The school has a well-established and strongly positive ethos.”
  • “Leaders and teachers ensure that the school is a calm and purposeful learning environment.”
  • “Teachers have consistently high expectations of what each individual pupil can achieve.”
  • “Teachers consistent management of behaviour is highly effective in ensuring that pupils achieve excellent learning outcomes.”
  • “Behaviour in and around the school is exemplary. They know precisely the values of the school, which leads to a calm and orderly learning environment.”
  • “Staff share a strong commitment to supporting pupils’ well-being.”
  • “Pupils are polite, courteous and well mannered. For example, they routinely hold doors open for their peers and visitors. Relationships between adults and pupils are extremely positive.”

Notable Comments: 

Riaz Shah, Chair of Governors, One Degree Academy

“Our goal is that, regardless of background, every child leaves One Degree with the knowledge, character attributes, and aspirations necessary for a life of choice and opportunity.”

Aidan Sadgrove, Principal, One Degree Academy

“We aim to transform the lives of our students through our persistent and relentless focus on the small but important details and actions necessary for great teaching and learning. We know that greatness is achieved through perseverance and incremental improvement – ‘one degree’ at a time. This idea is at the heart of our school.”

Here is a link to the One Degree Academy website: